WOU AI Research Centre

WOU AI Research Centre

About Us

Welcome to the AI Research Centre at Woxsen University, a prestigious hub dedicated to advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence research and development. Located within a vibrant academic environment, our centre is committed to unlocking the transformative potential of AI technologies to revolutionize industries and enhance societal welfare. We house a distinguished team of researchers, faculty, and students, deeply engaged in groundbreaking fields such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Metaverse. Our goal is to develop innovative AI solutions that tackle real-world challenges, thereby fostering progress across various sectors.


Our vision is to lead in merging emerging technologies with industry and academia, transforming how businesses operate and how students learn. We aim to be a catalyst for innovation, enhancing efficiency and educational outcomes globally.


Our mission is to deliver impactful innovative technology research and develop practical applications that propel industries forward and elevate higher education. By partnering with enterprises and institutions, we ensure our advancements in emerging technologies are both relevant and transformative, preparing a skilled workforce ready for the future.

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